God loves you

with all of his




Welcome to my website.  I am Brother Gregory... a legend in my own mind... and living proof that God has a sense of humor.


I stole the formatting for this site... and the photo of the child above... from The Arizona Unity Church... because they were both so beautiful.

The Mission


To bring word of God's Love, God's Wonder and God's Forgiveness to the world.


I am a Preacher... NOT a pastor.  A pastor is a shepherd.  A pastor tends a congregation as a shepherd tends a flock.  *I* am Congregation of One... a Denomination of One... a Faith of One.  All I do for the Lord is run my mouth and post weird stuff on the Internet.


I hope and pray to bring attention to the Christian population in Africa that are being driven out of areas where they have existed since the first century.


God does not demand that I succeed.  God demands only that I try... Mother Teresa. 

Weddings, Renewal of Vows & Commitment Ceremonies


 As a freelance [ordained] minister, I am willing to perform weddings, renewal of vows, and gay commitment ceremonies.  I am available to officiate your most sacred celebration.

What I Believe














I believe in exactly what I preach... in God's Love, God's Wonder and God's Forgiveness.


I know that the Lord God... Creator of the Heavens and the Earth... loves each and every one of us with all of his heart.